GodsHate_FatherInferior7_Cover_1500x1500px-640x640 GDSHATE god's hate divine
Disgrace - Songs of Suffering Disgrace - True Enemy Disgrace - Split
New Brigade - Join the Brigade nb NAILS - two song flexi
My Iron Lung - SOS Mizery - Survive minus
Minority Unit - Demo Minority Unit - CMF Manipulate - Becoming Madness
MALFUNCTION - Fear Of Failure Lost Souls - Get Lost Lost Souls - Demo
Institution - Desolation Times Ill Intent - No Masters Hierophant - Peste
Hellweed - Kingdom Harness - Victim of Suffering Poison_Headache_-_Poison_Headache
nom Forced Order - Vanished Crusade Forced Order - Eternal War
Fever Dreams - As Above So Below Extermination Comp II Extermination Comp I
Downpresser Don't Need A Reason Palm - The Unusual Nails - Skin Like Iron split
Discrepancy - Where The Strength Lies ci Capsize - Live A Burden
Bent Life Bent Life - Full Skull Bent Life - Cheat Death
Axis - Show Your Greed ACxDC-LP-Cover Before Metal Was Cool - Compilation
Blistered - Soul Erosion Pure - XXX ex
Fever Dreams - Life Has Departed Putrid Brew LP Hellweed - The Dread Knight
Life for a Life - Soul On Ice malice at the palace Minus - Hard Feelings